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Dr. P. Padhi

Research Interests

  1. Computational Modeling and Simulation
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Material Characterization
  4. Solidification Technology
  5. Quantum Mechanics
  6. Composites and Nanocomposite
  7. Computational Drug Design


  1. Worked as Professor and Head, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, OEC, Bhubaneswar
  2. Worked as Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Bhadrak Inst. of Engineering & Tech, Bhadrak
  3. Worked as Assistant Manager, Talcher Thermal Power Station
  4. Worked as Sr. Section Engineer, S. E. Railway Kharagpur
  5. Worked as Assistant Engineer, Odisha Agro Industries

Educational Qualification

  1. Ph. D in Nanotechnology/Nanocomposite from I. I.T, Kharagpur in 2007
  2. M. Tech in Maintenance Engg. from NIT, Bhopal in 2001
  3. B.E in Mechanical Engg.from I.E. (India) in 1986
  4. B. Sc (Hons) in PCM (Mathematics) from Utkal University in 1982


  1. Ph D Scholars: 08
  2. M. Sc dissertation work: 20
  3. B. Tech Projects: 30

Membership of academic bodies

  1. Institution of Engineers, India.
  2. Life Member of ISTE, New Delhi
  3. Member of TIFAC Core, New Delhi


  1. Design & Development of Bulk Nano Composites through solidification rout, 1nos filed at IIT, Kharagpur
  2. Design of particulate MMCs having uniform particle distribution is under process

National Collaborations

  1. Prof. B. S. Murty, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036, India (Nanocrystlline materials).
  2. Prof. S. C. Panigrahi, Department of Metallurgical &Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal 721302, India (Nanoferroelectrics).
  3. Prof. S. Ghosh, Department of Metallurgical &Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal 721 302, India (Conducting Materials)

Selected Publications

  1. S. K. S. Parashar, P. Padhi, R. N. P. Choudhary, Awalendra K. Thakur and B. S. Murty, Finite Element Model in Nanoindentation to Study Nonlinear Behaviour of Nanoceramic PGZT, Materials and Manufacturing Process, 22, p. 337-340 (2007).
  2. Sasank Sekhar Hota, Payodhar Padhi, Finite Element Modeling of Cutout joint, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Volume 302, Issues 4-5, 22 May 2007.
  3. P. Padhi, Modeling of structure of Al-Sn alloys, Mat. Sc. Forum, 2006
  4. P. Padhi, S. C. Panigrahi and S. Ghosh, Particle Distribution in Metal Matrix Composites by Centrifugal action, Trans Indian Inst. Met., Vol 58. No. 4 August 2005 pp 715-719.
  5. P. Padhi, Effect of Brownian motion on solidification processing, Trans Indian Inst. Met.
  6. A coupled Finite Volume and Newtonian Dynamics Model for Prediction of Macrostructure of Functional graded Composites. Payodhar Padhi, Sudipto Ghosh and S.C.Panigrahi, ICAMPP-2006-page747-755
  7. Finite Element Modeling of particle Distribution of MMCs, ISTAM 05, Payodhar Padhi, Sudipto Ghosh and S.C.Panigrahi
  8. Synthesis of Metal matrix Composites by Multi-Axial Random Rotation Method, Indian foundry congress. Payodhar Padhi, Sudipto Ghosh and S. C. Panigrahi
  9. Modeling of Particle distribution of Metal Matrix of Nano Composites (MMNCs) by Ultrasonic Method, International Conference of Nano Science Technology -06, New Delhi. Payodhar Padhi, Santosh K Anand, Sudipto Ghosh and S. C. Panigrahi
  10. Preparation and Characterization of Al-Sic metal matrix composites by Multi ľAxial Random Rotation Method, ISMAPK4, IIT, Kharagpur, Payodhar Padhi, and S. C. Panigrahi

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