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HGEI is an expression of my journey of life to knowledge. The Journey started in my teens when I saw a lot of students were deprived of pursuing a career of their choice. Because there were a few educational institutions at each levels starting from KG to PG. This situation inspired me to set up institutes which will help the future generation to realize its dreams. Not only that, the institutes along with the curriculum & infrastructural facilities are to be regularly updated to match industry standard. For, every day technology changes. Every day there are improvements.

In my youth I was also aware of the fact that there was not sufficient provision to take care of the ailing people. There were not sufficient medicals, doctors and para-medical staff. I felt the need to set up an institute having provisions for health and knowledge as well. I am proud to say Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital is the first private medical college and hospital in the eastern zone of India.

Another important mission of mine was to integrate degrees with moral values in all the institutes under the banner of HGEI. To me, there is the biggest University of all i.e. University of Life. We must learn from this University which teaches us to be worthy citizen of the nation. Further, we should have love and respect for our parents because they are our first teachers. There is a saying, �Charity begins at Home�. In fact, everything begins at Home. We have seen people scaling new heights without having a formal education. This is possible because of feeling for our family members and the people around us. Single mindedness is also equally necessary to be successful in life. We should have commitment and we must try our level best to fulfill the commitment. It is also important to maintain transparency in everything we do.

All the Institutes under HGEI follow the values along with imparting professional knowledge to the students, in order to make them self sufficient and skilled individual who will serve the country. I invite you to our contemporary and engaging campus and share in the rigorous and relevant educational experience with emphasis on discipline, personality development for leadership qualities with awareness of a committed social responsibility.

Our Chairman
Hi-Tech College
Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital