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Phone : 0674-2371406 / 407 / 408

Fax : 0674-2371409

HELPLINE FOR RAGGING : 1800-345-1212

Extension : 257 / 270 (From 9AM to 6PM)

Extension : 123 / 132 (From 5PM to 8AM)


The Department of E.N.T is fully equipped with Modern diagnostic tools and has the facility of Endoscopic Larangoscopy and Audiometry. The Out Patient section has the state-of-the-art audiology equipments. It Caters wide range of services to the patients for diagnosis & detection of pre-malignant &malignant lesions in Head & neck and also general ear, nose & throat diseases. We have well equipment indoor unit with all modern equipments for patient care. E.N.T O.T is most well equipped with operative microscopes (zeis) with monitor. All endoscope guided operation for nasal & larangel  disease.


  • Routine Auctionary & transparency in sound proof room.
  • Video-Nasal-Sinus endoscopy.
  • Video-Larayangopharygnoscopy.
  • Video Nasophayngoscopy.
  • Microdrill.
  • Sophisticated anesthetic equipment & attach I.C.U.


Sl.No. Designation Name Qualification
1 Prof & HOD Dr. Usha Ranjan Parija MS
2 Professor Dr. Rajalaxmi Panigrahi MS
3 Professor Dr. Rajesh Padhy MS
4 Asst. Prof. Dr. Ashutosh Hota MS
5 Sr. Resident Dr. Amitav Panigrahi MBBS
6 Jr. Resident Dr. Jagyasmita Balasamant MBBS
7 Jr. Resident Dr. Rakesh Kumar Giri MBBS
8 Jr. Resident Dr. Pallavi Agarwal MBBS
9 Jr. Resident Dr. Swatee Dash MBBS
10 Jr. Resident Dr. Diptiman Baliarsingh MBBS
11 Jr. Resident Dr. Loknath Sahoo MBBS
12 Jr. Resident Dr. Sudeepta Kumar Ashe MBBS
13 Jr. Resident Dr. Sneha Kataruka MBBS
14 Jr. Resident Dr. Santosh Kumar Pati MBBS

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