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Research Interest

Dr. Payodhar Padhi, Professor & Dean

Computational Modeling and Simulation, Nanotechnology, Material Characterization, Biomaterial, Quantum Mechanics

Prof. V. S. Murty, Distinguished Professor & Director

Dr. K. C. Mishra, Asst. Prof. & Head (Oncology)

In silico Oncology, Computational Drug Design, Database Management System, Quantitative Structure Activity Relationaship, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr. P. B. Barde, Asst. Prof. & Head (Physiology)

Cardiovascular autonomic functions, Advances Non invasive assessment tests like HRV, BRS, BPV and IPG, Clinical research methodology, Lifestyle modification and Integral Health care for Non communicable diseases, Indian regional Database Development for Cancer, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and Hypertension, Advanced laboratory techniques and data presentation methods

Dr. Laxmi Narayan Padhy, Research Officer

Algorithm for Bioinformatics, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Cryptography and Security, Soft Computing, Pattern Recognition

Mr. Aparajeya Panda, PhD Scholar

Nano-Herbal Drug designing for Diabetes and cancer, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Proteomics

Mr. Pabitra Mohan Behera, PhD Scholar

Computational Structural Biology, Molecular Simulation, QSAR, Artificial Intelligence, Bioprogramming in JAVA and PERL, DataBase Development and Web Development

Mr. Deepak Kumar Behera, PhD Scholar

Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Drug Designing, Docking, Proteomics

Mr. Dhiraj Pattanaik, System Adminstrator

Server Management, Database Management, Networks Management, System Application Programming

Mr. Mrutyunjaya Acharya, Technical Officer

Inplant training for the engineering students for skill development in various fields such as Power Plant, Manufacturing Industries etc.
To minimise Carbon Dioxide from different exhust-mixed gases from chimeny in various industries by nanotechnology methods.

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